• "It's not what you
    look at that matters...

  • it's what you see."
    -Henry David Thoreau

Mission & Vision

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

Mindful Harlem is a community center that serves as a hub for all residents and guests interested in mindfulness and the support to practice an awakened life. Through mindfulness and meditation practices and evening talks individuals will be guided towards a recognition and compassion for their own inner and collective wisdom and resources including the unique art, music and history of this beautiful, diverse and colorful community.

Mindful Harlem is a safe and supportive environment where the people of Harlem can learn, and deepen their practice of mindfulness. We strongly believe that mindfulness leads all of us towards true authenticity, joy and effective engagement in the world.

  • Mindfulness is a love affair- with life, with reality and with imagination, with the beauty of your own being, with your heart and body and mind, and with the world.

    Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention, on purpose, moment to moment, non- judgmentally, in a sustained and particular way.


who are we

Meet Our Team

Adrian Bueno


Originally from Argentina, Adrian lives with his wife and two sons in West Harlem. He holds a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires. For the past 20 years Adrian has been working on Wall Street and currently is Managing Director at GFI Emerging Markets.

By night Adrian is a restaurateur in a successful New American restaurant ,Vinateria that he and his wife Yvette opened in 2013. Adrian has a strong and disciplined meditation practice. Mindfulness is an integral part of every facet of his work and family life. Read more...

Jayne Gumpel LCSW


Jayne Gumpel LCSW is co founder of mindful harlem and a teacher of MBSR and other mindfulness based programs for individuals, groups and businesses. Read More...

April Frazier

Community Liaison

April Frazier's work with Mindful Harlem focuses on integrating mindfulness in diverse contexts throughout the Harlem community. She works to strengthen the partnerships between Mindful Harlem, Columbia University, and local schools.

April is currently a masters student at Columbia's Spirituality Mind Body Institute. April's passion is bringing yoga and mindfulness to under-served communities to encourage internal transformation as a precedent to social change. Read More...

Sherah Sydney

Yoga Leader

Sherah Sydney began her personal yoga journey before she knew what it was called and in the 1990s she started to explore and connect with yoga communities worldwide. Her passion for yoga continued over the years leading her to a deeper practice when she obtained her teacher certification in 2004, at Be Yoga's 5th Ave Studio, under the leadership of Yoga Master Alan Finger.

Her yoga studies range from as mild as Hatha + Vinyasa to as intense as Astanga + Iyengar and her training style, affectionately known as ISHTA was created by Alan Finger Read More...

John Henry

Mindful Leaders
program administrator and assistant teacher

New York City native but Florida-raised, John Henry is an energetic and incredibly hands-on entrepreneur passionate about building great ideas, great people, and great communities. Read More...

  • MBSR Pause & Practice

  • Noblemen

  • Drop & Sit

  • Mindful Yoga

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