Infinite Belonging

An Exhibition & Celebration of Recent Works of Benjamin Albrecht

Mindful Harlem is pleased to host "Infinite Belonging," an Art Exhibition & Celebration of Recent Works of Benjamin Albrecht.

119TH Street (btwn Manhattan & Frederick Douglass)

Come wander through fantastical dreamscapes, where time has collapsed and the intent is to see the parts as wholes and the wholes as parts, to identify imperfect structures and manifest new ways to relate to ourselves, each other and the world. Existential sagas with uncertain sub-narratives meander through interwoven and ongoing processes. Liberate the mind from the weight of vestigial cultural structures and venture out on a surreal safari. Generate more expansive, inclusive and compassionate conceptions and extend awareness past the physical bounds of the body and the temporal bounds of birth and death. Carried by imagination into the furthest reaches and deepest depths, grow spheres of compassion and expand the context of existence. See the illusion of separation fall away.

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