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Insight Dialogue

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    We spend most of our lives in relationship and yet we often do not bring the light of mindfulness to our relationships and the way we relate to others. Using the framework of Insight Dialogue, we will explore the enormous power, wisdom, healing, and compassion that can arise when people gather with the intention to be mindful and present with each other. We will explore how relational suffering is created and how it is released and we will support each other’s deepening in investigating ways to cultivate inner peace and balance.

    These evenings provide an opportunity to apply the teachings of mindfulness and compassion directly to interpersonal relationships as well as within the context of daily life situations. The format offers community connection, alongside meditation and facilitated activities that include speaking, listening, and relating. Learning to connect with greater presence opens up possibilities for ease, joy, and healing.

    All are welcome!

    There are no upcoming sessions scheduled. Try out one of our online programs in the mean time.