A collaboration between Friends of Morningside Park & Mindful Harlem

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Mindful Walking is a way of being in the present moment with each new step.  It allows us to remember how it feels to arrive at each moment, where we always belonged.  Each of your steps as an expression of calm, joy, and resilience.


“Have the life you want by being present to the life you have.”

- Mark Nepo


When:  1st Wednesdays of the month, 9 am [1 hour]

Where: The pond in Morningside Park at 113th St.


Mindful Walking is a collaboration between Friends of Morningside Park and Mindful Harlem.

Friends of Morningside Park is a volunteer volunteer organization founded in 1981 dedicated to the park's revitalization including through collaborative programming such as this. Learn more at http://morningsidepark.org

Mindful Harlem is a non-profit community center dedicated to bringing the practice of meditation to the Harlem community.


We offer all of our programs by donation. Donations can be made to either organization.