Mindfulness & Macrohealing

An evening with Dr. Adriano Borgna L. Ac.

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Mindfulness & Macrohealing

The amount of contradicting information about “Health” is overwhelming. The purpose of this talk is to dispel some of the common mythology about Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle that are more the result of ideologies that real science.

We are the result of millions of years of biological evolution and in order to understand the basis of good health and healing we have to respect the fundamental rules dictated by our physiology (the way our body naturally works). Dr. Borgna’s work centers a holistic view of health and healing within the context of our modern society.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Adriano Borgna L. Ac. graduated with honors from the Siena Medical school in 1979, is an Italian Physician a Licensed Acupuncturist in NY state; he is also a NADA (National Association for Drug detox with Acupuncture) detox specialist, has a diploma as Bio-dynamic Farmer, and has dedicated the last 15 years to the investigation of the new environmental factors that can cause or contribute to illness. Faculty member at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY campus) as well as at the Swedish Institute , he has a private practice in the West Village in NYC.

After almost 40 years of practice in the health care field, he has seen many theories come and go according to the trend of the moment and many patients getting confused by the flood of conflicting information. His work centers a holistic view of health and haling within the context of our modern society. He has lectured extensively on the subject of health, nutrition and environmental medicine.

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