Women’s Meditation Group

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Our intention is to create a safe and supportive environment in which women can learn and deepen their mindfulness practice. While there is nothing intrinsically feminine about the practice of mindfulness, we specifically direct many of our efforts toward women for several reasons. Most notably, we strongly believe that mindfulness is a powerfully transformative practice that leads us towards true authenticity, joy and effective engagement in the world.

In this group, we invite you to deepen the practice of mindfulness and meditation following a supportive and lively discussion of how we relate to the world as women. We welcome all people who identify as female, non-binary, gender-fluid, and/or transgender who identify with the experiences of women.


Kristina Lopez

Meditation & Dharma Instructor

Kristina is an Afro-Caribbean meditation teacher born and raised in NYC. She began her daily meditation practice under the suggestion of a friend and soon learned the importance of sharing the practice with others. She has participated in silent retreats with Buddhists Insights and the Chan Meditation Center. She has found refuge in the teachings offered at Three Jewels NYC where she’s studied the Gelugpa Mahayana school of Tibetan Buddhism from Hector Marcel and others. She holds a 100hr Compassion Teaching certificate from the Nalanda Institute and a 200hr Meditation Teaching certificate from Three Jewels. She’s currently studying to be a Death Doula and her research projects include studies of visual perception, ritual, and meditation. She believes in the power of meditation as a tool for liberation.

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