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Yin Yoga

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    “Yin Yoga has been with us since the beginning of Hatha Yoga. Since the early 19th century, yoga has become more yang-like in nature. Everything requires balance in life: yin completes yang. Yin Yoga is the balancing practice for the more active, muscular yang yogas.” – Bernie Clark
    Ying Yoga is still, deep, and quiet. Rather than moving quickly through poses, Yin Yoga consists of holding a few postures for a longer period of time. A major benefit is myo-fascial release – reaching the deeper, denser, more hidden connective tissue. In doing so, it is a powerful form of meditation that contemplates the mind/body connection and activity vs. passivity.

    “Our flesh is like silly putty that distorts when it is ignored. We are constantly obliged to actively participate in its formation, or else it will droop of its own weight and plasticity.
    This incessant formation we cannot stop. We can only make the choice to let it go its own way – directed by genetics, gravity, appetites, habits, the accidentals of our surroundings, and so on – or the choice to let our sensory awareness penetrate its processes, to be personally present in the midst of those processes with the full measure of our subjective, internal observations and responses, and to some degree direct the course of that formation.”
    – Deane Juhan

    Yin Yoga classes encourage deep experiential understanding of one’s own body. Breath, alignment, appropriate personal modifications and the use of props are stressed at every level of practice.

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