Mindful Yoga

Linking movement and breath into a continuously flowing organic whole

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*Mindful Yoga suspended*

We would like to announce that our Mindful Yoga classes will be suspended until further notice. Thank you all for joining us to nurture this wonderful program.

Mindful Yoga is offered as a moving meditation. It is a dynamic, breath-focused practice that links intelligently sequenced poses into a continuously flowing organic whole. This practice cultivates clarity of focus and builds inner heat, developing strength and flexibility in equal proportion.

Mindful yoga is a lifetime engagement — not to get somewhere else, but to be where and as we actually are in this very moment, with this very breath, whether the experience is pleasant unpleasant, or neutral. Our body will change a lot as we practice, and so will our minds and our hearts and our views. Hopefully, whether a beginner or an old-timer, we are always reminding ourselves in our practice of the value of keeping this beginner's mind.
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Yoga classes encourage deep experiential understanding of one’s own body. Breath, alignment, appropriate personal modifications and the use of props are stressed at every level of practice.

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Mindful Harlem is a non-profit that operates on the concept of "dhana" or generosity. No one will be turned away.

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