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One 2 One

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    These individual mindfulness meetings, or “One 2 One” sessions, are tailored for the individual practitioner’s inquiring. It is a great opportunity to ask personal questions and explore suggestions to deepen your understanding and engagement with life.

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    Adrian Bueno

    Co-Founder • Board President • Instructor

    Adrian is the co- founder and guidance teacher of Mindful Harlem and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). He has been practicing Mindfulness and Insight Meditation for many years; a practice which has been a deep transformative experience for him and for the people around him.

    Adrian and his family are deeply rooted in Harlem and love the diverse and wholesome community they live in. He is honored to have the opportunity to practice, learn and grow every week with the MH family. For him Meditation, Insight and Mindfulness are the means to a path towards liberation of the mind. He sees Practice, Self-Knowledge and Community as the pillars of wisdom and an awakened society; where empathy, compassion and understanding towards us and others are the components for a wholesome life.

    Edward Duncan

    Executive Director • Instructor

    I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation many years ago and it has cultivated the landscape to come to the realization and recognize the fact that who I essentially am has nothing to do with my thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.   This practice has provided me with the tools to navigate and be present with the ever-changing, and at times, treacherous terrain called life.  I wish as a young teenager growing up in the Bronx, I had these tools in my toolbox to allow me to be present with all of the internal discomfort and uneasiness associated with growing up.

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