Yoga & Meditation Retreat: Rediscovering Your Original Smile

Thursday, June 20 - Sunday, June 23, 2019
Woodstock, NY

As always, Mindful Harlem is dedicated to making these practices accessible. Contact Elizabeth to inquire about payment plans or tuition assistance.
Will LeBlanc

Will thinks of his yoga training in three phases:

-Studies of strong foundational styles and scriptures and owning and directing a yoga studio.
-Discovering my true love, Yin yoga.
-The ongoing education I receive from my students and the learning that comes from intuitive awareness and life.

Elena Ubeda Montero

Elena is a member of the Mindful Harlem community and the creator of our delicious retreat menus. Chef trained in the French Culinary School in Manhattan, with experience in 1 and 2 Michelin Star NYC restaurants. She is a personal chef specialized in Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine with a strong focus on gourmet healthy alternatives. Elena's style of cooking is very detailed oriented, emphasizing a nutritious diet but never sacrificing the flavor. She is constantly researching about new products and styles of cuisine that might be of interest to the people she cooks for. Always seasonal, organic and local is her rule when it comes to the product she uses.

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We are pleased to announce Mindful Harlem’s summer retreat! This retreat is dedicated to exploring the drive for self improvement. Mindfulness is a gate to investigate how the mind creates the abyss between what is and what we want. We ask, how was your mind created? What conditioning took place to make your mind see the world the way it sees it? Is someone separate at the driving sit of what we call my mind? What we perceive in the world as a problem and the construction of the “I”, are mutually dependent.

The retreat will include:

  • Nature Trails to take in the beauty and tranquility of winter
  • Group walking and sitting meditation
  • Deep inquiry among friends and like-minded practitioners
  • Service - small daily work tasks that serve the group
  • Rest and integration with Yin Yoga postures

Yin Yoga is still, deep, and quiet. Rather than moving quickly through poses, Yin Yoga consists of holding a few postures for a longer period of time. A major benefit is myo-fascial release - reaching the deeper, denser, more hidden connective tissue. In doing so, it is a powerful form of meditation that contemplates the mind/body connection and activity vs. passivity. Will LeBlanc of Woodstock’s Euphoria Yoga is a gifted teacher and will guide us in the practice.

Dhana: $350 with acommodations, $200 for commuters
As always, Mindful Harlem is dedicated to making these practices accessible. Contact Elizabeth to inquire about payment plans or tuition assistance.

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We will stay in a private residence. Thus, rooms will be shared - part of the retreat will be getting cozy and making new friends. We will observe silence as much as possible in sleeping areas, and save socializing for the living room and dining areas.

There is also the option for guests to find their own separate accommodation in the area, and participate in the retreat during the day. If you'd like to choose this option, the retreat will be offered at a reduced rate of $200. Let us know when booking.

Travel time is roughly 2.5 hours. We will depart New York City on Thursday evening 6/20 at 6:30 pm, and arrive in Woodstock around 9 pm. We will leave Woodstock on Sunday 6/23 around 7:30 pm. If you prefer to arrive later or leave earlier, that is completely fine and at your discretion.

The best ways to reach Woodstock are by bus or car. We will help organize carpooling, but depending on how many and when cars are going up, we cannot guarantee spots in the car. Trailways New York operates a bus from Manhattan to Woodstock 3 times a day. Tickets cost $23 - $55 and the journey takes 2 h 50 min. Alternatively, Metro-North Railroad (MNR) operates a train from Manhattan to Woodstock hourly. Tickets cost $16 - $35 and the journey takes 1 h 42 min.

Meal Plan

Food will be provided and will accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and omnivore diets. There will also be flexibility to eat out in Woodstock, which guests will cover themselves. Guests are welcome to bring their own food. There are grocery stores nearby where we will pick up supplies. In the evenings, all are welcome to indulge in a glass of wine or a cup of tea.



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