Advaita Vedanta – Non-Duality

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We will focus on teachings from Rupert Spira, meditate, and open the circle of participants for exploration and questions.
“There are three possibilities in life: to be something, nothing or everything. In the first, there is suffering; in the second, there is peace, and in the third, there is happiness and peace” -Rupert Spira

The Direct Path or pathless path is characterized by self-investigation, self-abidance, and self-surrender. When we are awake, we just recognized our essential nature, which is unlimited Awareness; this by itself has enormous consequences in how we live our lives.

“All that is or could ever be known is experience, and all there is to experience is the knowing of it” -Rupert Spira

The direct path takes us straight into awakening by self-enquiring; no experience, religious background, or practice is necessary.

“Understanding dissolves, the mind, Love dissolves the body” -Rupert Spira

If you have an honest and sincere curiosity about how the world inside and outside is created, I invite you to join a group of like-minded members. Welcome to our community.

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