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Qigong is a training based on the theories of the Holism of Life. It is a training that requires the participant to consciously use the mind intent to focus inward to transform, to improve, and to enhance life functions. Mental, posture, and breathing adjustments are the extensions of the inward training. It is a training that enables the participants to transform natural instinctive activities into conscious activities. ~Dr. Pang Ming

Becoming an expert at working with our own internal energy gives us the resources to have choices in the kind of day and life that we want to have.

People watching qigong see only slow, graceful movement or simple stretches. People often ask, “How can that get you in shape or train you to be a better martial artist?” But, like an iceberg, there is a lot more to qigong than meets the eye. Qi Gong is simple: It requires no equipment and little space and can be practiced in a short amount of time.



Qi Gong Instructor

Medical Qi-Gong and Bioenergy are the healing modalities that Erdan uses in expressing his innate healing abilities. He began his healing journey in early childhood, after surviving a 21 day coma and experiencing a NDE (Near death experience). This awakening lead him to a practice in the Martial Arts for many years. Later Erdan was drawn to other energy practices such as Reiki and Bioenergy. He studied Bioenergy with world renowned healer, Zdenko Domancic, and uses this method in his healings. In 2015 he found Zhineng (Wisdom/Ability) Qi-Gong and studied with Master Liu Jianshe from China, a direct student of Grand Master Pang Ming, MD, creator of Zhineng Qi-Gong. In 2017, Erdan began teaching this form of Medical Qi-Gong in NYC.

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